M.S. in Mathematics

I was offered a teaching assistantship to cover my expenses in 2021. To receive this opportunity, I was instructed to be a teacher's assistant under Emily Dolsak. This included helping organize the College Algebra course. In the next semesters I was given my own section of Introduction to Statistics where I have began to build a gamified classroom to encourage active learning.

Turning to my studies, I began to research Graph Theory under Dr. Alexis Byers. She imparted me with a hankering to look into the different kinds of labeling schema that can be put onto graphs. During the multiple semesters with her as instructor, I was able to get a sponsorship from YSU to give a presentation at the Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing. In this presentation, my research partner and I presented the M-Harmonious labeling which can be seen on my projects page.


B.S. in Mathematics

Minor in Information Systems Programming

I transferred into the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in 2019. Graduating with an overall GPA of 3.84\4.00 I achieved the President's List from Spring 2020 to Spring 2021.

I focused on Algebra and Data Analytics with relevant courses in Abstract Algebra, Operations Research, and Database Design.

My capstone project, under Dr. Thomas Madsen, looked to rigorously define the cycle within the permutation group as a structure in Algebra.


Completing my general education credits quickly, I was able to focus quickly on my initial intent on a B.S. in Computer Science. I learned languages such as Java, C, C#, and Assembly, though there wasn't passion in developing general purpose applications.

In Spring of 2016 I switched my major to a B.S. in Mathematics with a Secondary Teaching option. Under the UTEACH program I focused on developing my teaching ability skills. I designed active lessons for Elementary, Middle, and High school classrooms across multiple semesters. 


I graduated 12th in my class of over 300 Seniors. Building a strong network between the Forensics teacher Nadia Fischer and the AP Calculus 3 teacher David Boden, I knew I wanted to go into a career that uses my critical thinking skills and ability to perform research.

As a part of the Forensics team, I made it to the State Tournament in 2013 in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking. As a part of the Tennis team, we made it to the Regional Championship in 2013 as well.