About The Name

No doubt you've noted the unusual name JibJibFlutterhousen. This referrs to the persona I claim online. Almost always, it's available as a username, and it is memorable to say the least.

The name JibJib Flutterhousen came from needing to create a distinguishable name for an Intro to Sociology class I took at UCCS. This was the first time I was exposed to a gamified classroom, and as such I was required to pick a pseudonym so that individual performance of all my classmates could be disclosed to everybody without breaching confidentiality. 

Since then, I have developed reference art for the JibJib persona. These can be seen at my sister website


My most up-to-date, one-page, resume can be found here

2023.10.25 Resume.pdf

Class Lectures

To better accommodate the hybrid classroom environment we've found ourselves in since 2020, I have routinely uploaded recordings of classes I have taught to unlisted YouTube playlists.

Spring 2022: Introduction to Statistics

This course is designed for students from different disciplines who desire an introduction to statistical reasoning.

The purpose of this course is for students to learn some basic statistical concepts and methodology. The goals for students in the course include: developing an understanding of the fundamental concepts in statistics and their applications, developing critical thinking skills, and developing the ability to use modern computer technology in basic model building and decision making.

You may view the approved syllabus here.

Fall 2022: Introduction to Statistics

This is my second time teaching this class. As I continue to develop active lesson plans, I continue to pursue a gamified classroom.

You may view the approved syllabus here.