Coffee/Tea Selection Tool


With subscriptions to Coffee and Tea coming in monthly, the choice of what to drink and how to make it becomes a bit of a hastle. This application will be loaded onto a Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen at a coffee station to allow users to select and view how to brew each of the available drinks. Inventory will be kept in a database on the device, and can be updated remotely through a web interface. 


This was an excercise in using Java's graphical user interface package Swing. Each component of the UI is inset on its own panel, and multiple panels combine into the entire frame. 

Without accessing the database, however, there is little for the application to show. User created objects for coffee and tea inventory items are loaded automatically on application load. When the user modifies aspects of the brewing style from within the application, it is also reflected in the database by saving periodically.

As mentioned previously, this application was then loaded onto a Raspberry Pi to be deployed at a coffee station. It was then vitally important to have the application start upon booting up the Raspberry Pi. This was done with very minor BASH scripts that compiled the Java code (so any updates to the application would be actualized on boot) and started the application. It is also on boot where the database is loaded.


The completed project is available on my GitHub here