Work Experience

Wright State University

Summer Intern

In the summer of 2022 I took a research position at Wright State University in conjunction with the Air Force Research Lab Sensors Directorate. I worked on the project titled "Power Domination on the Power Grid". See my project page on power domination for more information.

Youngstown State University

Teaching Assistant \ Instructor

Graduate Coordinator

As a teaching assistant, I developed lessons for College Algebra and taught them under the supervision of an experienced instructor. These lessons ranged from simplifying fractions to graphing functions, and determining inverse functions.

As an instructor, I have taught my own section of Introduction to Statistics by developing the lessons, grading the assignments\quizzes\tests, and reporting final grades.

As the Graduate Coordinator of the Penguin Preparation Program (P3) for the Summer of 2020 I oversaw the outreach and subsequent preparation of incoming Freshmen to YSU. This involved coordinating with the Writing Center and the Math Achievement Center on campus to provide substantive assistance and preparation to students impacted by the COVID-19 disruption to the classroom.

UPMC Horizon

Floor Care Technician

As a floor care technician, I was closely associated to the maintenance department in the hospital. For the majority of my time at the Shenango Valley campus I was the only floor care technician, only training another technician in the last month of my time with the company. In my position, I coordinated with each of the departments to determine which room(s) I could work in on any given day.

When I would take a room, it was my responsibility to make sure that the condition of the was applied to the floor's surface was up to quality standards. Often times I would remove the wax currently on the floor and reapplying new coats. All-in-all, I was able to re-wax the entire hospital before I left.

Valley Hi Golf Course



As a groundskeeper, I would make certain that the course was kept to regulation standards. This included low-level operational maintenance of the large mowing decks as well as ensuring that the cart paths were traversable.

As a maintenance person, I performed repairs to the irrigation system when needed. I would also assist in the routine aeration of the greens to ensure proper health. I was also responsible for daily preventative maintenance for the machines that I would operate.



Working crew at a convenience store required me to maintain proper customer service techniques throughout my shift. The store was small enough that I also kept up with stocking the shelves at the same time as manning the register and preparing cook-to-order food for customers. When I switched to the overnight shift to accommodate my class schedule

Allied Barton

Security Guard

Flex Officer

As a security officer, I was posted at a warehouse and was expected to accept deliveries of large trucks at all hours of the night. It was my responsibility to maintain a proper chain of custody for all goods received, as well as ensure property liability with routine inspections of the premises. 

As a flex officer, I would be called to unique sites including a foreign office located in Denver to the Google headquarters in Boulder. These new sites would present new challenges to learn the procedures for the specific site, as well as continue the rigorous note keeping and level of standards expected of a security guard.


Remodel Associate

Sales Associate

As a remodel associate, I was part of a team that focused on reorganizing the layout of the store to be more conducive to customer satisfaction. To do this, I repaired and maintained equipment and deconstructed walls\features of the facility. As I was also dealing with the electronics wall, I also had to maintain a proper chain of custody and rigorous logs so as to keep track of the merchandise. 

As a sales associate, I was tasked with stocking the toys department each night. This involved taking full pallets of product and placing them on the respective shelves. Complicating what you would expect from a sales associate at a large warehouse store, the particular store that I worked at was open 24/7, so I had to do all my regular duties all while customers went about their shopping.




The first job that I worked right out of high school was as a McDonalds crew member at a corporate location, one of the few in Colorado Springs. This was fairly routine when it comes to fast-food jobs, however there was the added stipulation that I was held accountable for all of corporate's rules, there was no franchise operator to stand in the middle offering unique rules.

Working maintenance at a fast-food restaurant, I got to take pride in keeping all the employees up to health and safety standards with more tools than the average crew member. I, singlehandedly, had the responsibility for making sure that the fry vats yielded the perfect golden brown consistency with every cooking at this location for nearly half a year before having another maintenance person join the team.